International Women’s Day: A Wonderful Thought or A Thought to Wonder About ?

#Girlpower, #Genderequality,#Glassceiling  and #Feminism. These are just some of the words/hashtags that you probably came across all over the internet today. After all, it is international women’s day today. At the risk of sounding too cynical I want to ask, are these just words that are being thrown around freely all over cyber space or do we actually know what they mean? Are they words that we truly understand or are they words that will just be forgotten for the rest of the year?

International women’s day is a great concept but we need to realize that before making it “international” we need to start from our own homes. Being parents, we need to make a conscious effort in raising our sons to respect women and not taking them and their efforts for granted. We also need to raise our daughters to be strong women. I have always believed that when you are raising a female child-you are not just raising a daughter but also potentially a future mother. This little girl will one day grow up to be someone’s mother and will pass down the moral values that you have passed on to her. She will be shaping the future of tomorrow’s generation at large. As parents, we have to make sure that our daughters are exposed to positive role models and mentors. There is a popular African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”. I believe that it takes a village to raise future parents.

Today we see women empowering each other all over the world. But the rest of the year, we see women putting each other down. Mom shaming and sl*t shaming have become a part of our vocabularies. Why has this become so common?  Mothers who breastfeed judge mothers who don’t. Stay at home moms are judging working mothers and vice versa. To move forward all of this needs to stop. We need to join hands not just for one day but for everyday so that we can have a better tomorrow. We need to start from within.

Ayella Shams Ahmed, Mrs. South Asia International.

Lets stop holding ourselves back and stop holding ourselves to standards that are different and way higher than our male peers. We have to belive in ourselves because the change wont be handed to us – it will come from within us and we have to reach forward and take it.  It’s why we have to be braver and bolder; to dare to do more than we think we can. Being a woman, you are the driver of change – raise your daughters to be strong women and teach your sons the basics of respect and equality.” Ayella Shams Ahmed.


Sania Mushir , Working mother.

” I have a dream that one day gender inequality and biases will be the weakness of the past. That our lens of evaluation will shift towards merit and credentials. That our progression will be limited by nothing but the limits of our minds rather than the minds of the limited.I have a dream that one day we will rise up to the riveted leadership roles and not in order to meet predetermined departmental quotas but because we truly deserve it. I have a dream that one day, we will not need an International Women’s Day to encourage women and remind them of their true potential.”Sania Mushir.

Tahreem Khan, Mom Blogger.




“When I think of mum, I think of my own mum and what an inspiration she has been for me.My mother is my role model and that is exactly what I want to be for my children.I want my children to look at me and be inspired and motivated to do more, to excel and to never give up!” – Tahreem Khan.


To sum it up , I think the concept of this day is great to raise awareness and celebrate the efforts, accomplishments and achievements of women all over the world. But also my belief is that these things should be celebrated every day. So, I leave you with this question- How come International Men’s Day is not celebrated as widely? Is it the fact that we choose not to celebrate their efforts or is it the fact that their efforts are celebrated every day and they do not need to be singled out on a specific day of the year?

Let’s use this day to come together and support each other consistently throughout the year.

Signing Off,





2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day: A Wonderful Thought or A Thought to Wonder About ?

  1. Really good points – you are right that it’s a village to raise future parents and hence we are the determining factors of what our future will look like! That’s powerful 🙂


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