Everyday Musings of a Mom.
The story teller, The lecturer and The listener.
Giver and Taker of Advice – with open arms.
Make that cup of coffee, And join us for Mornings with MustiMom.

This blog is a labor of love for my baby boy, Mustafa Ameer Ali aka Musti. It is about the journey I share with my husband Ali, my son, our families and our friends. The stories that are not told because sometimes we dont have the time or sometimes we forget. A way to capture moments with words. And, also those random thoughts and words of wisdom. I love sharing and love it when others share. So feel free to share your thoughts with me.

A Dallas based stay at home mom of a nine month old, Wife of my high school sweetheart, A proud daughter, sister and aunt of the coolest nephews. A music lover, green tea drinker, crazy cat lady, foodie and traveler. In my spare time i love writing out my thoughts, calling up an old friend, and cuddling up with Musti and Ali. Not necessarily in that order.


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